Sleeping With Mum

It’s amazing how peoples’ snores change over time. I can’t remember hearing anyone snore in my immediate family when I was the child. Mum and Dad didn’t snore as far as I can remember. Neither did my brothers. My Grandmother snored. I can remember freaking out whenever I stayed over at Grandma and Grandpa’s house, thinking it was haunted. She had what can only be described as a ghostly ‘whooooowooo’ snore. It scared the living daylights out of me and my brothers. It wasn’t until I was much older when I realised it was just a snore. I can’t remember Grandpa’s snore, but I can remember an uncle’s who was I suppose middle age at the time. His snore was a manly snore, very throaty and deep. Not scary, obviously a snore and rhythmically predicable. I used to play with the rhythmic patterns creating songs in my head cause I couldn’t sleep. Grandma’s snore was not at all predictable, adding to the scariness. Both kept me awake.

It makes me wonder if there are measurable age and sex differentials when studying snores.

My Mum has been staying with me over the last few days. Her partner is in palliative care at the moment with the dreaded C word, cancer, and so she is staying with me. She is obviously much older now and is Grandma to my children. My hubby is away and so she has been sharing my bed. And guess what…she now snores, very quiet breathy snores. The other night though she freaked me out…..she let out her Mother’s ‘whoooowooo’ snore.

Freaked me, the dog sharing the bed and her grand daughter in the other side of the house to Billio!