The Things You Do @ 50!

You hit the big 5-0 and all sorts of things need to be done. Things that you knew were ¬†going to happen at some time, but thought it’s in the far off distance somewhere.

By the time I reached 50, I had achieved heaps, but what I am most proud of are the following; (in no particular order),

  • my 3 wonderful children survived the traumas of the teens and are now wonderful young adults with their own lives and loves,
  • I have a home that I love with a garden full of flaura and fauna, chickens, dogs and visiting echidnas, kangaroos, wombats and all sorts of parrots,
  • my husband and I have survived all sorts of crap and are still in love, even after being together for 33 years,
  • I have a successful 30 year career and still love it, despite the ups and downs,
  • I have lots of exciting ideas for what’s ahead for me to look forward to.

When I read this list back it really does make me feel good about myself. I think about all the other things not on the list and feel so grateful for all the opportunities of life!

Write your own list down if you haven’t already done so…it feels great! Even surviving the bad stuff feels great when it’s on paper.

So turning 50 kicks into action some wonderful support systems that us Aussies enjoy. You have to remember I guess, that even though the process may not be pleasant, that you actually deserve some TLC after all you have achieved for your family, workplace and wider community. For us Aussies we get an invitation to go see our GP and get some tests done. For us girls it means possibly another dreaded Pap smear, but also the confronting Mamogram! There’s also a bowel test to look forward to for both sexes, while the guys have their own list of wonderful experiences to look forward to and that I am not going to go into.

Now you can just turn a blind eye, ignore these invitations to partake in such wonderful experiences and go on with life. I am so glad that I didn’t!!!

Off I went to the GP and off I went to get my first Mamogram. Imagination and stories that we have all heard inflamed my nervousness and I began crying as I prepared to get painfully squished by this cold machine. The Mamo Lady actually said to me, ‘you don’t have to do this you know, it’s purely voluntary’. For a brief second I felt like grabbing my clothes and running for the ¬†nearest exit, screaming and crying.

Thank God, I didn’t! If I didn’t accept the invitation, I would still have cancer today!

Moral of the story….put yourself and your health first and get checked out, even when you think you are fit and healthy. I had no idea, Cancer was a complete surprise and if we hadn’t caught it early…..